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Laboratory & Environmental Management

LABYGEMA S.L. (Laboratory and Environmental Management) is an environmental services company founded in 2001 in Seville.

The company´s competitive advantage lies in the diversity of its business areas as a solution to many of the problems in the environmental sector. It counts on a multidisciplinary team of engineers, graduates, specialized laboratory staff, technicians and support staff.

Equipo Labygema

Accredited Laboratory

The company has an accredited laboratory that analyzes water and offers various services, such as sample gathering and analysis, data interpretation, waste characterization, wastewater and drinking water analysis, management of discharge authorizations, inspection of discharges, etc.

Waste Managemen / Technical Support

Through the Waste Management Division, Labygema manages hazardous and non-hazardous waste. It has the Waste Management certification.

It also has qualified technicians who are responsible for the maintenance and technical support in waste and drinking water treatment facilities, pump stations and wastewater treatment plants.

Environmental Services

Labygema environmental services have a national coverage and are carried out through its headquarters in Seville and its operational bases located strategically in Madrid, Tenerife, Vitoria and Valencia. Proximity is one of the advantages that allows us to offer each customer a quick and personalized service.

Antonio Gonzalez MacíasAntonio González Macías
General Director
Antonio Gonzalez MacíasAlfredo Quirós
Operation & Technical Support Division
María José San RománMaría José San Román
Laboratory Division
Aléctor Ortega MartagónAléctor Ortega Martagón
Management Division