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Environmental advisory

Our technicians offer the service of water treatment plant audits to obtain energy saving, reduction of carbon emissions, increases in productivity and reduction of the environmental impact, with the key principle of a higher quality of the water obtained.

The audit process of the plants involves the following steps:

  •  To visit the facility.
  •  To detect the irregularities on-site.
  •  Water analysis in the laboratory
  •  Technical advice and studies to improve the processes through various methodologies (jar-test, treatability studies, etc.)
  •  Reporting with proposals for each treatment line, such as: physico-chemical system; reverse osmosis; antilegionella treatments; biological reactors (MBR, SBR, complete oxidation)

Labygema also offers the service of consultancy and document processing with the Public Administration, such as the request for the discharge permit and the reuse of wastewater.

Applicable law:

  •   Royal Decree 140/2003, February 7th, by which health criteria for the quality of water intended for human consumption was established.
  •   Royal Decree 1620/2007, December 7th, which sets the legal framework for the reuse of treated wastewater.
  •   Royal Decree 509/1996, March 15th, which establishes the applicable rules on the treatment of urban wastewater.
  •   Royal Decree 865/2003, of July 4, which establishes the health and hygiene criteria for the prevention and control of legionella.
  •   Municipal ordinances about discharges.