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Waste Management

The Waste Division in Labygema is formed by a team of specialists with extensive knowledge and experience in waste management. The team has: graduates in Environmental Sciences, specialised technicians for on-site treatment services and skilled workers for collecting and transporting waste.

Labygema is an authorised waste manager for gathering and transporting non-hazardous and hazardous waste agents, a final manager for R10 recovery operations (land treatment resulting in benefits to agriculture or ecological improvement) and R3 recovery operations (recycling/reclamation of organic substances which are not used as solvents via mobile plant).

Licenses have been provided by the Department of the Environment from the regional government of Andalusia, and the licenses are valid for the entire national territory, as established by the Law 22/2011, July 28th, on Waste and Contaminated Land.


Among the primary transported waste these stand out:

  • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
  • Recyclable fraction: paper/cardboard, plastics, metals.
  • Hazardous and nonhazardous industrial sludge
  • Septic tank sludges and WWTS
  • Waste that contains oil and hydrocarbon
  • Hazardous waste from household waste recycling

In Labygema we focus our work on complying with the national and international regulations regarding proper waste management. The aim is to achieve the following objectives:

  • Minimize the danger and the amount of the waste.
  • Recover substances for their recirculation in the process
  • Regenerate products to reuse them.
  • Recycle waste to obtain raw materials for other processes.
  • Adapt waste for energy recovery.
  • Confinements in safe storages or incineration without energy recovery.

To carry out the activities we have different items of equipment:

  • Trash bin and vats of different sizes and shapes adapted to the state of the waste.
  • Tanker trucks, suction and blower equipment, container ships, rigid containers, trailers and vans.

One obligations for the waste producers and waste managers is the storage of waste in authorized containers that are also appropriated for each type. Additionally, the storage must comply with health and safety measures and transport of dangerous goods by road measures.

Labygema provides authorized containers and packaging for the proper waste storage: containers and vats, Big-Bags, IBC, drums with steel and plastic locking rings, containers for MSW and waste sorting, metallic cages, bunds and cardboard boxes.