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Legionella control

Labygema, a company specialized in the control and prevention of legionella, performs and guarantees everything required by the Royal Decree 865/2003 regarding the prevention and control of legionella.

The technical team, through a personalized study, locates the possible critical points within the facilities and applies a suitable maintenance programme in compliance with the RD. To address this matter we carry out the following maintenance tasks, cleaning and disinfection of the facilities and sampling for the analysis of Legionella.

The goal is to guarantee the microbiological quality of the water.


We prepare and provide the following documentation:

  •   Preventive maintenance programme.
  •   Safety data sheets and sanitary registration of chemicals.
  •   Analytical results of water samples.
  •   Certificates of the cleaning and disinfection treatments.
  •   Guidance forms for the maintenance tasks to be completed by the company staff or by Labygema technicians.

The technicians of Labygema have a specialized training that allows them to carry out of these tasks.

Control & Prevention

Nuestros trabajos de control y prevención de legionelosis se desarrollan especialmente en:

  •   Sports centres and spas.
  •   Hospitals, clinics and health centres.
  •   Hotels and nursing homes.
  •   Shopping centres and public facilities (ponds, watering, etc…)
  •   Golf courses, residential areas and neighbourhood associations.
  •   Municipal facilities (watering, fountains, etc.)

Closed circuits

For the treatment of closed circuits, Labygema carries out the following tasks:

  •   Chemical cleaning.
  •   Supply of antifouling to prevent corrosion and incrustation problems.
  •   Inspection of the physical-chemical and microbiological quality of the system water.
  •   Automation systems for the reactives dosage.
  •   Pre-treatment equipment for the supply water to the circuits.

All the decisions are executed in the laboratory authorised for physical-chemical and microbiological water tests located in the central Sevillian facilities.

Training courses & Regulations

We have training courses for facility maintenance technicians. Among the most recent courses we offer:

  • Training courses on the prevention and control of legionella (city council of Pinto)
  • Training course on prevention and control of legionella (motorway licensee)

Regulations and laws related to the prevention and control of legionella: