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Water Analysis Laboratory

Our laboratory offers you the following services:

  •   Water analysis (wastewater, drinking water and freshwater) and sewage sludge
  •   Process control in WWTP by bioindication techniques
  •   Sampling programmes and capacity of urban and industrial discharges for WWTP designs
  •   Waste Characterization and treatability studies
  •   Simple sample gathering and composing based on the flow or time
  •   Execution of waste inspections
  •   Technical advice on process control, interpretation of results against legislation, authorization and waste management and self-monitoring control

Some of the advantages of our service are:

  •   Highly qualified technical staff for the development of techniques instituted in our laboratory
  •   Extensive experience in water analysis
  •   Reply "Just In Time"
  •   Private access to our website for inquiries and downloading reports