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Operation & Technical Support

Labygema provides comprehensive service in water treatment plants, from the implementation of the water treatment system to the operation and maintenance thereof in order to improve its efficiency and reduce the operational costs.

We are specialized in technical audits, in which the process is optimized through laboratory tests and design re-study, focusing on the energy improvement. Our skilled technicians provide the operation and maintenance of:

  •   Drinking water treatment plants
  •   WWTP (Urban and industrial wastewater treatment plants)
  •   Wastewater regeneration and recycle plant
  •   Water pumping stations

Operation and maintenance

Technical support

Modular facilities

Legionella control

Environmental advisory

Some of the main advantages of the operation and maintenance service are the reduction of incidents on the operation of the plants, the minimization of the costs of consumables and the energy saving. This results in a lower economic and environmental impact.

Labygema has over 15 years of experience and is the ideal company for the outsourcing of the operation and maintenance services of water treatment plants.